The Camtorc Actuator has been in production for over 30 years during which time it has gained an unprecedented reputation for reliability and functionality. Utilising the Cam Yoke system at its core, the Camtorc Actuator is highly efficient and compact whilst offering reduced wear and servicing requirements. With the added benefit of using only Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel in its design and having a construction that does not use any tie rods, the Camtorc Actuator is the perfect work horse for automated valves in the most demanding applications.
Uniquely, the Camtorc Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator has two pressure pistons, as opposed to the typical single piston in most actuators that operate independently of each other on the pressure stroke. With 2 supply ports, one piston (the spring piston) is dedicated to compressing the fail-safe spring in the actuator, whilst a smaller piston (body piston) is solely tasked with turning the valve. This has a significant advantage to the operator in limiting the rate of torque output from the actuator as pressure increases (reducing valve stem sheer risk) but also allows for much greater control of the actuator on the spring stroke.