The new series 86 actuators, with metal enclosure, are designed and manufactured for the automation of ball and butterfly valves. Our experience, applied to careful research and accurate design, is a reliable guarantee of quality and functionality over time. The series is produced with the following characteristics:
• the enclosure is made of die cast aluminum coated with polyester powder;
• the gear train is made of steel and tech no-polymer gear wheels, supported by hardened steel pinions, mounted on self-lubricating bushes. All the components are inserted in a strong structure of die-cast aluminum;
• the connection part of the actuators with the valves meets the 1$05211-0IN 3337 standard requirements;
• the electronic circuit adjusts automatically the motor speed, depending on the mechanical load variations. This ensures consistent cycle time.
• the whole range of actuators is provided with an electronic safety system for the torque control (torque limiter);
• the whole range of actuators is standard provided of heater, activated when the actuator is powered;
• the whole range of actuators can be supplied with positioner, programmable in standard (4•20mA or 0•10V) or reverse (20-4mA or 10-0V) mode;
• all electric actuators can be equipped with rotary potentiometer (SKO 1 W);
• the whole range of actuators can be supplied with battery backup for failsafe operation (except model with 12VACIDC power supply);
• Optional middle position operation available for all versions.