■ Valve Information:
-The research for innovative solutions to handle fluids under different conditions with only one valve was the most ambitious
challenge of the Valpres research and development department: one trim capable to handle the control of fluids both in the
liquid and in the gaseous state. Valpres “FGV” patented solution provides technical benefits and high performances in all process
conditions. The FGV-L trim, (for liquids) has the feature to better manage moderate and severe cavitation while the FGV-G trim
(for gas and steam) offers excellent results in reducing the noise. These standard trims are able to manage the process even
under difficult conditions and severe service. Furthermore, the same basic geometry is used with both liquids and gases allowing
product standardization. The principle of curved plates (Fig. 1) provides excellent throttling performance in terms of FL, sigma and XT coefficients without sacrificing the maximum capacity of the valve. Also the minimum flow rates have been carefully evaluated by technicians and engineers to ensure the best Rangeability. The Valpres trim are designed to be installed both on floating and Trunnion ball valves. FGV valves can be designed full or reduced bore according to process conditions.