The Badran electric actuators are suitable for the automation of ball and butterfly valves for the industrial and construction sector. The usage of electronic components of last generation, together with precise mechanic, thanks to a careful research and development, enables high performance and long-term reliability of the product.
The range has been manufactured with following characteristics:
• The housing of the actuators provides a V0 self-extinguish class techno-polymer material.
• The kinematics is made by steel and techno-polymer gear wheels, sustained by hardened steel pinions, mounted on self-lubricating bushes and inserted in a strong structure of die-cast aluminum (excluding mod. VB015).
• The connection part of the actuators with the valves, is made by a die-casted and painted aluminum plate cataphoresis, with a dual drilling interface as per the ISO5211-DIN 3337 Standard.
• The electronic circuit adjusts automatically the motor speed depending on the mechanical load variations in order to drive the cycle always in the same time.
• The whole range of actuators is provided with an electronic safety system for the torque control (torque limiter).
• The whole range of actuators is standard provided of heater activated with the powered actuator.
• The whole range of actuators (except for mod. VB015) is modulable: and programmable in standard mode (4-20 mA or 0-10V) or reverse mode (20-4 mA or 10-0V)
• All electric actuators (except for mod. VB015) can be equipped with rotary potentiometer (5KΩ 1W).
• All electric actuators (except for mod. VB015 and for 12V power supply), can be equipped with battery backup for emergency control.