Valve scan Type VSD CF8M (316) stainless steel ATEX / IECEx dual Certified Ex d valve controller is an integrated valve information device for Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valves. Combining valve position monitoring and full stroke test (FST) or partial stroke test (PST) functionality, the VSD unit is an information hub for the ESD valve, enabling plant operators to verify the capabilities of the most critical valves in their installations without having to significantly modify existing operating methodologies.
IP.66/67 CF8M (316) stainless steel enclosure for superior corrosion protection and mechanical resistive properties (Optional: CF3M (316L) stainless steel and coated anodised aluminium).
ATEX / IECEx Dual Certified II 2 GD / Ex d (ia) IIC T4/6 flameproof for zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas.
Valve position by a continuous feedback transmitter and/or discrete switches / sensors (mechanical or proximity).