Body manufactured from Carbon steel
10 different sizes from F10 (500 Nm) up to F60 (250.000 Nm).
Internal O-rings to ensure water ingress protection
Namur standard for all sizes for assembly of switch boxes and positioner
Threaded parts in front and the back side of the body for easy assembly of pneumatic control panel
Rolled is used, reducing the friction between the yoke arm and pin, minimizing the wear.
Vent check valve releases overpressure at the center body while preventing the ingress of gas, corrosive elements and water.
Replaceable bearings protect the sliding and rotating components, suitable for either dry or lubricated working conditions.
PTFE thrust bar prevents yoke pin axial movement, transferring axial loads directly to the drive module case
Yoke connects the piston rod with the guide block, compensating for side load deflection and reducing wear on rod, bearings and seals.
Pneumatic cylinder: The inner surface of cylinder is coated by PTFE, to prevent resistance and self-lubricating
Piston Seals: Double sealing, with o ring and dynamic ring to prevent metal to metal contact between piston and cylinder
Spring Module: Safe spring lock, prevents spring module detachment from the drive module
Spring Module: Internal hydraulic cylinder for manual pump override.
Every BADRAN SY series actuator is built to provide long end efficient service with minimum maintenance. The design, engineering and materials used in their construction ensure optimum performance even in the hardest environments.
Totally enclosed weatherproof centre-body and caps provided with o`rings to ensure the water ingress protection. The centre-body has a guide that supports transverse forces of the scotch and yoke mechanism and ensures proper alignment of the piston rod.
External travel stop screws allow a precise valve angular stroke adjustment between 80º to 100º.
The SY actuators are manufactured in many different combinations of actuator sizes, cylinder diameters, and double or spring return action is available for installation on ¼ turn valves. SY actuators are designed for use over a wide range of pressures or temperatures.
The scotch and yoke mechanism is available in symmetric design offering a more constant torque with minimum cost and weight.
The SY actuator is a modular design. A pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder can be attached, to either side or both sides. With a large stock of finished and semi-finished components always available, actuators can be assembled and supplied with very fast and reliable deliveries.