PNEUMATIC RACK & PINION ACTUATORS (Single and Double Acting)- Torque up to 7358 Nm
Hard anodized Aluminum & Stainless Steel 316

■ Type: Pneumatic Rack & Pinion (Single & Double acting)
■ Body manufactured from extruded Aluminum uni 6060:
-Hard coat anodized as standard finish 45-50 (micron)
-Good wear resistance
-High corrosion resistance
-Special finished nickel plating or PTFE coated upon request
■ Concentering spring sets:
-Standard coating painted
-Spring sets to suit different air pressure / torque requirement
-Same body dimension for SR/DA
■ Die cast aluminum end caps:
-Standard polyester powder coated
-Upon request nickel plated or PTFE coated for corrosive environment

■ External connection:
-Top of pinion according to Namur norm
-Solenoid valve connection according to Namur norm
-Bottom of pinion according to ISO 5211-DIN 3337
■ Nominal Values:
-Pressure rating Max 8 bar
-Temperature range (standard: -20 ⁰C, +85 ⁰C) (high: -20 ⁰C , +150 ⁰C) (Low: -40 ⁰C , +85 ⁰C)
-Fully tasted on manufacture 100%
■ Pinion made in steel:
-Nickel plate for standard version against internal and external corrosion
-Stainless steel for corrosive environments upon request.
-Anti blowout design
■ Cam for limit position adjustment 0⁰- 90⁰
-Stainless steel
-Adjustment for open and close position ± 5⁰
■ Seals:
-NBR standard version
-Viton high temperature version
-Silicone low temperature version