BADRAN valves and solenoid valves with connections G1/8",G1/4" ,G1/2" and G1"are available in the 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 versions, with different fonns of actuation (i.e. solenoid I pilot etc). The choice of high quality materials and the technical solution adopted allows to the valves to reach a good performance even in harsh environmental conditions. The spool, made by a light alloy aluminium, nickel treated by Niploy Process to give its surface a smooth finish and a better resistance to aggressive agent.Its particular shape allows high nominal flow rates , and the combination with self lubricating lip ruber seals , reduce internal friction and provides the valve with a long lasting durable life spar.
Valves and Solenoid valves with connections G1/8",G1/4" ,G1/2" end G1" can operate continuosly without lubrication and are sealed against working environment.