■ Bidirectional wafer-design knife gate valve.
■ One-piece cast body.
■ Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop.
■ Various seat and packing materials available.
■ Face-to-face dimension in accordance with CMO standard.
■ General Applications:
This knife gate valve is suitable for liquids that contain a maximum of 4% suspended solids. Designed for applications such as:
- Chemical plants
- Pumping
- Food Industry
- Sewage treatment
In all these applications, the valve should be installed once the fluid has been filtered, to eliminate solids or large particles it contains.
■ Sizes: ND50 to ND600.
■ Working Pressure:
-ND50 to ND150: 10kg/cm2
-ND200: 8kg/cm2
-ND250 to ND300: 6kg/cm2
-ND350 to ND400: 5kg/cm2
-ND450 to ND600: 3kg/cm2
■ Standard Flanges: DIN PN10 and ANSI B16.5 (class 150)
■ Body Material: GJL-250 cast iron and CF8M stainless steel. Other materials, such as GJS-500 nodular cast iron, A216WCB carbon steel and stainless steel alloys (AISI316Ti, Duplex, 254SMO, Uranus B6…) are available on request.
■ Gate Material: AISI304 stainless steel in valves with iron body and AISI316 stainless steel in valves with CF8M body. Other materials or combinations can be supplied on request.
■ ACTUATORS: Hand wheel with rising stem , Hand wheel with non-rising stem, Chain wheel, Pneumatic cylinder Electric actuator, Hydraulic cylinder, Lever, Gear Box